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Advice on funding for small business start-ups

Now’s the time to accelerate your brilliant business forward. You’ve got big ambitions. How do you make it a reality, in the smoothest way possible? See how the right business start-up support can help you achieve your goals and kick-start growth.

As your business starts to lift off, different business finance options can help you scale quickly, whether that’s by helping you sell in different countries, launch new products or grow your team to keep up with demand. 

It’s also a chance to grow your network and connect with people who can guide you in the right direction.

We're here to guide you on the steps to take on how to get funding for a business to propel your business forward. With our business start-up support, we can support you on which options are best for your success.

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Your start-up funding for small business options


There are several options when looking for funding for small business start-ups that can give your business a boost.

Angel finance


Investment from individuals or groups of individuals who want to be part of your journey, in exchange for owning a small part of your business.

NPIF equity 


Money from the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund (NPIF), in return for a small part of your business, to help you scale.

Venture capital


Finance that you can usually access in the early stages of your business, to support rapid growth.

Start-up loans


Personal loans designed for businesses that have been around for less than three years to start trading, ranging from £500 to £25,000.

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Here are some useful resources to help you secure finance and funding for small business start-ups to get your business going.

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