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Helping a gym software platform shape up globally

Membr is a fitness software platform, that is used by thousands of gyms worldwide. With the business looking to expand into new regions, we helped Membr access the funds it needed to achieve its goals. Having accessed and repaid three loans totalling £400,000 from the GM Export Fund Membr has been able to develop its product offering and expand into a range of new international markets.

Punching above its weight 

Following on from an early career as a personal trainer, founder Jack Malin, created Membr. It’s a cloud-based software platform that offers a full gym management solution. 

With the potential to take the business global, Membr approached GC Business Finance to get access to money that it could use to get its platform into thousands of gyms around the world. GC Business Finance provides alternative finance products to support growing businesses who are unable to get funding from a mainstream lender, to achieve their goals. 

It was able to access three separate funding rounds from GC Business Finance, including the Greater Manchester Export Fund. This fund helps local businesses that have previously lacked export experience to access loans worth £25,000 to £250,000. The funds can then be used to help with overseas trading. 

This support has helped Membr to grow from a team of 14 to over 50. It also saw the business provide its software to Anytime Fitness, the world’s largest global gym franchise, supporting gyms in Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. 

Much of the investment was also used to develop the software, so it could be adapted to local regulations and dialects. This was useful when it recently launched in Japan. To support this growth further, Membr is now looking to expand its workforce in its Manchester based team. 

How we helped Membr grow internationally

By helping Membr access funds at different stages of its growth journey, we’ve been able to help Membr get into over 2,000 gyms worldwide. It means Membr can thrive as a business, and put plans in place to accelerate its plans even further in the future. 

Jack Malin, CEO of Membr, explained

“We’re delighted with just how far and wide Membr has grown! From an original idea to help personal trainers to manage their time more effectively to ending up as a total software solution for gym owners in over 20 countries across the globe. We wouldn’t be here without the continued help and support from GC Business Finance who have supported us and helped us get to where we are today.” 

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