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Filtering new water technology out to a global market 

University of Manchester (UoM) spin-out company, Molymem, develops and commercialises technology to improve existing water filtration membranes, for separation applications in a variety of markets, including purification and removal of pollutants.

Bringing Molymem’s innovations to a wider audience 

Molymem's technology is based on the use of 2D materials, which are ultrathin sheets of atoms that have a range of unique properties, making them ideal for use in filtration membranes. 2D materials are highly selective, meaning they can be used to remove specific contaminants from water or other liquids. 

In March 2023, GC Angels invested £125,000 from its own funds alongside £500,000 from The Green Angel Syndicate. 

The business is now developing world leading technology and is based out of the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC). Since we helped the business to secure initial funding, Molymem has also received additional funding from Cambridge Angels, North Invest, and InnovateUK. 

How we supported Molymem 

Richard Lydon, Leading Filtration Expert and CEO at Molymem explained: “The support we received was great news for an emerging innovation in the membrane space and the company has already started to engage with manufacturers and end users. Climate change is driving the need for new solutions in membrane technology and our goal is to work with the existing supply chains to bring a retrofittable membrane coating solution to market.” 

GC’s investment in Molymem’s innovative nanotechnology has given Molymem the much needed funds to boost its research and development efforts. This is now having an international impact, with Molymem’s product having the potential to solve the global problem of access to clean water in disadvantaged parts of the world. 

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